STONE MILL BAKERY has been serving the greater Baltimore metro region for more than 20 years. Our wholesale bakery and café locations are well-known for quality, consistency, and customer service in all aspects of our business.

Stone Mill Bakery has been a family owned and operated business for more than 20 years, with multiple generations of the Himmelrich family having hands-on roles in all daily operations. 

Dedicated to making handmade European style breads, we have established our name among the finest regional kitchens and chefs. Our vibrant cafes at Green Spring Station and Stevenson Village have grown to become institutions in the local food scene.

Stone Mill’s success is in large part a function of the dedication and talent of our employees. Surrounding himself with talented individuals who share his vision and commitment to excellence is a priority for owner, Alfie Himmelrich. He believes in creating a collaborative work environment, where each individual can take pride in their contribution to the final product.